Church Sanctuary
The Parish Sanctuary has had many changes made over it’s many year history but still retains the style and beauty from it’s original design. The latest revisions were made during the building restoration in 1987 when a choir loft that was added in 1947 was removed and the pipes for the organ were again in their place. The walls are as originally designed with battens, plaster and a canvas covering. The Sanctuary has five stained glass windows along each wall as well as other’s throughout the building. The sanctuary pews hold 120 – 150 people and the sanctuary is acoustically superb for performers.

The social room of the church is in the basement and is called the Undercroft. This space was added in 1968 when the old Guildhall building was demolished and the church was raised to allow for the basement to be dug and space in the back was added for classrooms. The upstairs portion of the addition houses the offices and chapel of the church. The undercroft has kitchen facilities and is capable of seating up to 120 people for dining.
Next to the church on Hurlbut Street is our lovely garden, with flowers, trees, benches, and an altar for occasional outdoor services in the summer months.
Holy Trinity is available for weddings and funerals, as well as for general community use. There is usually a fee involved to help cover the costs of utilities and clean-up. Contact the church office with any questions you might have.