A note from our organist:

The music of the church is historic. As far back as the psalms of David, and further, music has been an integral part of the worship of God. In our tradition, music is held in high regard. Composers such as C.H.H. Parry, Charles Stanford, and Ralph Vaughn Williams have given us the music we know and remember. Here at Trinity, we hold music very highly. Whether we sing all the parts of the Eucharist or chant the psalms, music is used as a vehicle to help raise our worship to the Almighty.


We’re always ready to welcome more members, and we meet after the service on Sunday, back by the piano. We usually sing one Sunday in Advent, on Easter Day, and on Trinity Sunday. All I ask for is a commitment to want to sing. No previous experience needed!

Music at Holy Trinity

At the 10:30 Service each Sunday and at special events throughout the year, members of Holy Trinity make music together! We enjoy many different musical styles. In addition to our organ, we have a piano, keyboard, guitars, and other instruments. We sing together enthusiastically, both traditional hymns and newer music.

In February 2010, Holy Trinity hired organist, Philip Spressart, an accomplished organ builder and tuner from Lake Villa, Illinois. Phil plays for us at the 10:30 service, along with other instrumentalists, like guitarists, on some Sundays. Our annual organ recital and spaghetti supper is popular throughout the community.


Holy Trinity has been the home of fine organs since the donation of its first pipe organ in 1945 by a member of the Swift family in Chicago. That original Pipe Organ was built in 1917 and was given by the Swift meat-packing family when the family mansion was demolished. At that time the church balcony was enlarged to contain the organ and the choir, which until then was in the right front chancel.In 1985, with the hope of building a new organ, pipes were purchased from an organ in Dixon and were stored throughout the church. Money for the purchase came from an Organ Fund which had been established years earlier for repair, additions, or replacement of the pipe organ. The Parish will always be grateful to the Organ Fund Trustees, Lydia Luhman Pederson, Fran Artman, and Fr. Thomas P. Rosa for their guidance of the fund. The remaining fund was used to complete the Lindsey Scott Wicks Organ.

After the 1989 lightning strike and fire, the water damage was very extensive to the Swift organ. A new 34 rank Lindsey – Scott Wicks Pipe Organ was installed using some original pipes, some of the Dixon pipes, and some new pipes along with a new counsel. The new organ was dedicated on August 11, 1990.
The organ has a total of 27 independent voices and 34 ranks of pipes. The specification can be found here.